Looking after the environment

We believe we have a duty to preserve the beauty and balance of the natural world that surround us; we commit to reducing our impact on the environment. 

We recycle glass, plastic, cardboard, paper, cans and food waste. Our energy tariff includes a climate change levy and we have moved to LED lighting to increase our energy efficiency. We have introduced electric car charging for our guests in order to encourage smarter mobility.

In an effort to reduce water and energy use, we have introduced an option for less frequent towel and linen changes, such as every other day rather than daily.

To reduce single-use plastic waste across our hotels, we have introduced glass water bottles, we use avocado straws, metal drinks stirrers, bamboo olive sticks, compostable cups, cutlery and packaging for any takeaway items. In our bathrooms we use refillable sugar cane bottles for all of our in-room toiletries.

At Endsleigh we have brought beehives onto the estate to encourage pollination in the 200 year old garden.

Our hotels are busy year round and create quality, long-term employment for local residents in Cornwall, Devon and East Sussex. In all procurement decisions we look to support local businesses with a positive social or environmental impact.

Our chefs strive to source local produce for our restaurant menus wherever possible to reduce food miles and support growers and producers in our community. The seafood that we serve is fished using sustainable methods. In the Fal Estuary you can only use boats under ‘sail’ and not engine to harvest oysters for Tresanton.

In July 2023, The Star had 129 solar panels installed on to the flat roof area by Sussex Solar and Electrical. Now over half of The Star’s electricity is generated by the sun, saving 13 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year, the equivalent of 495 trees!