The Endsleigh Gardener Summer 2024

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The Endsleigh Gardener: Having gone through one lonely spring last year we have decided we can’t let another one go by unappreciated by Ben Ruscombe-King (April 2021)

Spring is somehow more resonant this year than ever, as humanity reawakens from a very real winter hibernation, blinking into the glorious spring sunshine full of hope and optimism, with only the occasional icy blast of wind to remind us not to take it all for granted. Endsleigh is as usual wonderful this spring and having gone through one lonely spring last year we have decided we can’t let another one go by unappreciated.

The garden is perhaps a little unkempt this year due to staff being furloughed but during springtime’s ebullience none the worse for it. The rhododendrons and azaleas are of course the stars of the show at this time of year with their ‘look at me’ brashness, but for me the real beauty lies in the subtleties of the wild flowers. The banks covered in primroses, wood anemones, daffodils, wild garlic and bluebells always get the heart going a little faster and that special green of trees fresh into leaf, lasting just a few weeks, is perhaps the quintessence of spring, giving one that extra burst of energy so necessary at this time of year.

The bulbs are having their moment in the borders, tulips, scilla, ipheon and muscari in full bloom, with alliums, camassia and asphedoline hot on their heels, all backed by Euphorbia chariacas for that extra hit of spring green and the foliage of the summer perennials bursting forth ready to fill the borders with colour through the summer months.

The garden at Endsleigh has highpoints throughout the year but in the springtime it really shouts and this year it feels like it’s shouting “welcome back!”