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Back, Neck and Shoulder massage
1 hr | £75
This hour-long treatment focuses on the areas of the body where you often hold your stress. The perfect way to relax into your stay and ease tension brought on from your travels.

Swedish/Holistic massage
1 hr | £75 or 1 hr 30 | £105
Traditional massage techniques used to treat stress and tension in the muscles and joints of the body. Back, neck shoulders, legs, tummy, arms and face can be worked with these techniques but we can also dedicate more time on areas where more attention is required. Two time periods are available dependent on your needs and number of areas that need a more focused treatment

Aromatherapy massage
1 hr | £80
A massage using essential oils extracted from plants that possess distinctive therapeutic properties that can help improve both physical and emotional wellbeing. The blend chosen for you after a detailed consultation can either be used in a holistic treatment or a more focused massage dependent upon your needs.

Inlight Body Embrace
1 hr 30 | £105
Inspired by Inlight’s silky Body Oil with Arnica, this total body experience using sweeping spiral movements to relax and soothe to unblock and release your body’s energy. Your therapist will tailor the treatment to your own particular needs, working on individual acupressure points and incorporating crystals to enhance the effect. You will leave feeling relaxed and refreshed from head to heels

Hot Stones Massage
2hrs | £150 or 1hr 30 | £135
Indulge and be swept away with total luxury in mind. This is medicine for your body, mind and soul, culminating in a sense of deep relaxation. Combined with Swedish massage, allow your body to absorb the soothing heat from the stones as I use them to massage the body, enhancing circulation and relaxing tight muscles. The smooth basalt stones are gently heated in a water tank to the precise temperature range. This treatment can included a mini facial within the allocated time, please specify at time of booking.

The Essential Experience
2 hrs | £135
A one-off indulgent Aromatherapy treatment with time spent experiencing a variety of essential oils in order to find your favourite three. The mind is very intuitive and will help chose oils that will benefit you either physically and emotionally. Your own personal blend will be used in an aromatherapy massage and an extra bottle will be given as a keepsake to take home to help transport your back to your massage experience.

Inlight uplift treatment
1 hr | £75
This treatment focuses on the legs with its exfoliating and Inlight organic balms they help reduce signs of ageing, stimulate circulation and trigger the natural detoxifying process of the skin.

Deep tissue massage
1 hr | £80 or 1 hr 30 | £110
A deeper massage with precision work on major muscle groups to relax overworked fibres by using forearm work to ease muscle and joint pain, complemented by long strokes and stretches to release tightness.

Pinda Sveda massage
1 hr 30 | £120
A deeply rejuvenating, strengthening, and nourishing massage which uses a cotton poultice bag filled with specially selected herbs which are pressed over the body. It helps to alleviate muscle and joint pain, tensions and stress. This heated treatment is an Ayurvedic therapeutic massage and is deeply relaxing. The therapist uses warm Organic massage oil and traditional massage body work additional to the heated Pinda Sveda poultice.

Top 2 Toe
2hrs | £135
This treatment will leave you feeling pampered from ‘Top 2 Toe’, the treatment comprises a rejuvenating facial, a 45min back, neck and shoulder massage, and the choice of either a manicure or pedicure.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage
1 hr 30 | £100 or 2 hrs | £130
A wonderful relaxing and nurturing Pregnancy massage for the Mums-to-be and new mothers. Following the consultation, the therapist creates a bespoke Aromatherapy blend with the client to use in the Pregnancy massage and followed by a mini facial. The client is positioned in a restorative pose with pregnancy pillows to support the body. The two hour treatment begins with a foot soak in bathing salts and then a foot scrub, all products used are certified Organic.

Feet and Hands

1 hr | £75
Reflexology is a therapy that highlights imbalances in different parts of the body. Techniques used on the feet in Reflexology can break down these blockages and help cleanse the body by flushing out toxins. Reflexology is a powerful antidote to stress, neutralising and even preventing its effects. A holistic treatment to relieve a variety of symptoms experienced from many conditions and boosts internal systems of the body to help maintain health.

Manicures and Pedicures
45 minutes | from £45


Inlight organic facial
1 hr 15 | £90
This facial will cleanse and revitalise inside and out. Comprising of a complete double cleansing routine with Inlight organic products, its special effectiveness lies in the Ayurvedic style massage and stimulation of selected acupressure points and lymphatic drainage that have been developed. These work to activate deep centres within the brain, releasing tensions, rebalancing your body’s energy and re-connecting you with yourself.

Natural lift facial massage
1 hour | £90
A rejuvenating and invigorating facial massage, the treatment incorporates a blend of Japanese and Indian techniques, these act as a natural facelift, helping you feel and look younger. It’s a gentle non-invasive approach to pro ageing which works primarily by freeing constrictions both within the facial muscles and in the connective tissue. Inlight Beauty facial products enhance the facial with 3 scalp massages during the treatment and energy healing help you to deeply relax.

Luxury Manicure or Pedicure
1hr | from £60
Bring your hands and feet to life with our relaxing and rejuvenating luxury manicures and pedicures. These include a soak in a mineral salts bath, exfoliation to remove dry skin, a deeply nourishing mask is then applied followed by a soothing massage before finishing with a file and polish. Upgrade to a shellac polish for an additional £10

Waxing Treatments

Waxing Package; includes half leg, bikini wax, eye brow wax
1hr | £55

Bikini Wax
30min | £25

Half Leg Wax
30min | £30

Eyebrow Wax
15min | £20

Lip & Chin Wax
15min | £20

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