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6 Dec

Film Supper - The Birdcage

Until 31 Mar

Dinner, bed & breakfast

28 Nov-23 Dec

Festive Lunches

24-27 Dec


First Sunday of the month

30 Dec -2 Jan

New Year

5 Jan

Film Supper - The Intouchables

Thur 26 Jan

Italian Wine Tasting

9 Feb

Film Supper - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

28 Sept 2023-14 Jan 2024

The exhibition of Turner Prize’s four shortlisted artists

Presented at Towner Eastbourne

‘Alfriston, one of Sussex prettiest and oldest villages, a place beloved by Bell and her fellow painter Duncan Grant, and now basking in the glamour of its revamped Tudor-timbered inn, The Star’

The Sunday Times